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Locksmith for You. Don’t go on an exhausted search online, know that you are covered 24/7 with available trusted locksmith. Being a member will get you a technician with in 30 minutes to your location at any time of the day.


$140 $129/year
  • 2 FREE Service Calls
  • 2 FREE calls Weekend/Holiday
  • 10% OFF on ALL Hardware
  • 5% OFF on all Automotive Services
    (Car lockouts/ Key replaciment)
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Why Choose Us

At Stat LOCKSMITH we are specialists in providing optimal service as quickly as possible. Our costumer satisfaction is our priority.

Very Fast

Stat locksmith offers service with in 15 min or less.


Our team is the most professional and experianced with using the best method of opening your door with no damages. guaranteeing excellent service.

24/7 Availability

We are Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week We work 365 days a year including holidays.

Locksmith services

5 Years Of Experience

Stat Locksmith has highly qualified, honest, responsible and transparent personnel so that you feel confident while we carry out our work either in your home or in your business.

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Our Locksmith Services

Locksmith for you

We will respond immediately, give you our expected arrival time and arrive in the shortest possible time to resolve the situation. All of our certified locksmiths are uniformly identified.

We have a team of locksmiths with extensive experience and training, equipment and tools to attend locksmith services, reinforcing security in companies and homes, as well as emergency care, during day and night hours, making openings of any lockout and change of locks with fair prices with in your budgets. Our protocol is always give 100% of quality service, friendly approach, and leave a satisfied costumer.


24/7 Emergency Services for residential lockout and lock change Residential lockout services in CT.

Car key duplication and programming

Lost your key? Need a key duplicate? We carry all types of car keys. Laser cut and programmed on the spot with in 15 min.

Access control

The next generation is here keyless entry.

Installation of Locks

We provide the installation service of all types of locks from the smallest for furniture to the most sophisticated.

Key pads and electronic lock

Hack-proof digital keypad,Your finger is your key, we carry THE BEST SMART LOCKS FOR YOUR HOME, RENTAL OR BUSINESS.

Locks rekey

For simple and security locks, recommended in case of loss or theft of the original keys, our.

Become a Stat Locksmith member

You don’t have to face high prices during weekends/ holiday, for member the price it same all year around. Make an Appointment, request a phone or send an email are some of the benefits of becoming a member


Do you still have doubts? Check our frequently asked questions that can help you solve your doubts, if it is not enough contact us to offer you a much more complete information.

You should always change your locks when you move into your new home. You have no idea how many key sets there are for the old locks or where they are currently located. The cost of changing these locks should be minimal but of great benefit to you and your family. If you move into your new property and someone who has a key steals it, your insurance company will not pay.

We offer you the best customer service. Our operators will be able to listen to you, understand your needs and contact the most appropriate professional close to you, so that they arrive in the shortest possible time. We understand that you are in an emergency and we are focused on offering real, effective and immediate solutions with the best attitude and disposition. You are our priority.

We work every day of the week, all year round and at all hours. We know that emergencies do not wait and happen at the least expected time, so we are trained to respond 24 hours a day. Regardless of the hours or your location, we will always be able to contact the locksmith or locksmith company that can resolve your emergency immediately.

We have the expert professional in the area that you require. Our extensive database has a large network of contacts that organizes a good number of locksmiths with extensive experience and specialized, ready to assist you at any time and location. In addition, all of our technicians without exception have their respective certification and license, which certifies them as professional locksmiths.
When you require the services of an emergency locksmith you are usually under a great deal of stress, so it does not usually take time to calmly and carefully evaluate each of the offers that you can find on the network, you need a locksmith and you need it immediately. If you’re unlucky, you may have a close encounter with a hobbyist locksmith, scammer, and even a criminal that will put the safety of your home and your loved ones at risk. Calling Stat Locksmith your Connecticut Locksmith eliminates this risk completely.
Fair Prices
At Stat Locksmith we guarantee that our affiliated professionals will apply the fair and adequate rate for each service, within market standards.

Residential, commercial or automotive locksmith, we have the right specialist.

Attending emergencies requires the combination of efficiency and good care, as it is essential to remain calm in order to offer the best solution. At Stat Locksmith we offer you Locksmith Solutions we specialize in offering emergency services. From closed house doors to locked trunks with the keys inside, going through changes of locks and changes of keys reconfiguring the cylinders; Our network of professionals and specialists are prepared to immediately attend to your emergency, including services such as:
– Opening doors without keys, leaving the door intact.
– Extraction of broken keys, without breaking the locks
– Repairs of stuck or isolated locks
– Replacement and / or change of keys, without changing the lock
– Replacement of locks
– Lost key copies

Contact Us

We provide all locksmith services and we have Spanish, English, Hebrew, Russian speaking technicians to help you 24 hours a day. In any situation to install a new or locked lock on your apartment or your car. You can always contact us by phone or text message at your convenience. 

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