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Businesses have security needs more or less different from those at home, although these particular requirements will depend on the type of business or company, the building that houses them and the branch to which they are dedicated. A commercial locksmith must be able to understand and work with all the locksmith and security systems that may be suitable to safeguard the integrity of said company, not only to attend to emergencies, but to offer the pertinent advice in this matter.


For example, the law requires that some commercial buildings must have emergency exits secured with escape bars, a type of lock that opens from the inside easily, without the need for keys, just by pressing down on a bar. The aim is to speed up the evacuation of all people in the event of a disaster. These locks must be installed by a professional locksmith, such as those you can find by calling 24cerrajero Soluciones de Cerrajería in New York, who will guarantee their correct operation and can even repair or make them if necessary.
On the other hand, a professional locksmith could create a master key, which operates all or several doors in your office, to control the flow of personnel and even to make your life easier. This is easily done by reconfiguring the cylinder to work with only one type of key. Likewise, the building access system can be optimized with electronic systems or card readers; replace and upgrade file cabinet locks where important information is stored or open and reprogram safes. Our professional locksmiths can provide you with all these services and much more, you only need to make a phone call to receive a visit from an expert locksmith.
New office? – New job? – Perhaps you are thinking of changing the locks of your business premises and / or new office, it may be that you are thinking of installing security systems.
Do you need to replace old office locks? Do you want to have a new security system installed? No problem! Our licensed experts will work diligently to keep your business safe at all times.
This can be complicated and even take more time than you think, and as the owner of a commercial premises we do not think that you have time to invest in this, apart from the headache that this can cause, for your comfort it is recommended everything that has to do with locks, security systems for your business to consult with a professional locksmith specialized in the field.
Always bear in mind that time is money, and if you are looking for your peace of mind and comfort in what has to do with locks and security systems, the installation of security cameras in a closed circle with an advanced DVR system, doors electrical and safe that allow entry only with a specialized TAG.
No matter what your business locksmith needs are, whether it’s help with a broken office lock or a blocked intercom system, we are your number one office locksmith! Call (203) 433-6744 and we can help you with proper security measures for your workspace, be it a large office building or a small corner store.
Commercial Locksmith Services We Provide:
  • Authorized key duplication services
  • New office lock installation services
  • Installation and repair of office safes.
  • Proprietary Key Control Systems Repair Services
  • Installation of access control systems, sales and service for commercial locks and keys.
  • Master rewrite services
  • Lock Device Repair
  • Installation and repair of intercom systems.
  • Replacement and repair of desk and cabinet locks and keys
Whether you are interested in alarm systems or other improved security alternatives for your building, offices, or you need to replace some existing locks with more secure ones, or perhaps duplicate some keys to the office you rent or perhaps the office you are in. being rented by you, we are here to provide you the support, service, and solution in a fast and professional way, without complications and at affordable prices! We work with a large number of professional locksmiths and suitable for all types of work concerning locks, keys, padlocks, security for windows, among other requests, tasks, tools and products related to locks, our work is done with the best professionalism possible. We invite you to visit our locksmith services today.
It is crucial that you keep your business properly protected at times, therefore we not only provide lock solutions, you can also find price quotes among our services, you can even quote that an expert in business security comes to your office and can make a trial run, offering you an attractive budget.
Get in touch with one of our commercial locksmith specialists and we’ll send you a mobile team right away! Our locksmiths are fully bonded and insured.
Your office likely already has a security plan with locks, emergency lights, and probably an alarm system. But in case you’re looking to beef up your office protection plan, here is a quick guide on how you can strengthen your office security:
Master key system
A master key system is one of the easiest ways to personalize security in your office. With these master key systems, specific employees only have access to certain doors and supervisors can have keys that open all doors.
This service can save you a headache and mostly allows office punctuality (you don’t have to wait for the owner or shift manager to arrive).
Keyless entry
A keyless entry system generally allows employees to access with a barcode card or fingerprint. These programs have the ability to log employees in and out and allow you to see who entered and left the building at what times.
Motion sensor lighting
Lighting is a key part of theft and theft prevention and protects both your physical assets and your employees.
Security cameras
Security Cameras Security cameras placed in your business parking lot and in strategic locations around your building, such as lobbies and main hallways, can deter theft and also provide you with a record of recent events in and around your office.
Keep your business secure at all times and get our free estimates and recommendations on the most suitable solutions based on your custom business location and budget size. Get in touch with our knowledgeable staff and have their expertise in the latest locksmith technologies to help you make the best decisions to protect your business against intruders.
It doesn’t matter if you have to ensure the security of an entire building, a small retail store, or a commercial space, your primary focus should be keeping your work and business files safe at all times. We have a wide range of office locksmith options and have the training and experience to recommend the best solutions.